Mixmedia digital services

Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, we are a 100% digital marketing web agency.

Mixmedia digital services

Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, we are a 100% digital marketing web agency.

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Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency


Desing and creativity

A good digital strategy starts with a creative idea and a good design, our team is in constant search of perfection, with great attention to detail.


Marketing Online

Being successful on the internet is not easy, but if we combine the best techniques of SEO and SEM, we can achieve results quickly and effectively, with good online marketing we have a large part of assured success.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has always been a very effective way to reach potential customers, this method well used and with a good strategy ensures excellent results.

Flight with drones

The flights with drones are offering some unimprovable possibilities for the production of videos. By offering this service we ensure some very difficult plans to create for our videos.

Web development

One of the main fears of our clients are the web development issues, there is nothing to worry about, we take care of helping and guiding the clients throughout the process.

Marketing 360º

There are no limits to get where we want, with 360º marketing we combine all the services and technologies within our reach, always supporting a good strategy, we will achieve great results.

Mobile Marketing

The trends of users change, we must be agile and flexible to adapt to them, that is why we should always take into account mobile marketing in our digital strategies.

Implementation of CRM

We implement CRM (Customer Service Management) in order to offer a strategy aimed at customer satisfaction and loyalty. With this Customer Service Management, we achieve greater marketing objectives.


Social Media

To connect with the public and potential customers, you must have a good presence in social networks, it is for them that we help you build your presence in a professional manner.

Inbound Marketing

Nowadays inbound marketing is the fundamental pillar of any digital strategy, a good content plan adds value to our customers and allows us to create a solid and lasting relationship with them.

Landing pages and Microsites

Capturing and converting is a task that must be taken very seriously, through landing pages and microsites we approach our clients, we capture, convert and segment them.

Filming equipment

To give a complete service for the preparation of videos for our customers, we have incorporated a technical shooting team, with everything necessary to be able to make videos and announcements, how useful they are for marketing.

Video Marketing

Nothing better than an image to publicize companies, products, services, etc., and if it is a better moving image, we are specialists in the best techniques of video marketing in the market.

Digital Consulting

One of the services most valued by our clients is the digital consulting, we help our clients to establish processes and improvements in all their digital strategy.

Virtual Tour

One of the great advantages of Google today is to show spaces through a 360º virtual tour, we help you create and promote the spaces you want to show your target audience.


We have specialized in the manufacture of E-commerce or online stores. Our customers every day ask us for this service, to which we take all the juice, both for the design of the E-commerce and the positioning of it.

Specific digital services

You can access to obtain more detailed information on each of the specific services through the following links:

SEO, Inbound Marketing, Web development, Social Media, Video Marketing, Digital Consulting.

Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency

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