CE Consulting Esplugues

The challenge

CE Consulting Esplugues had the need to create a website where all the services they offered were reflected. They sent us the regulations that we had to comply with, to make a corporate website in the same style as the rest of the CE Consulting companies. It had to be a modern web within the world of the agencies and where they implemented aspects that they considered important to inform their clients.

The solution

In Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, we started working on the project with the conditions that are required by the company CE Consulting and comply with all its corporate regulations. As we already had experience taking a while working with them, we had almost assured that the web design that we would offer would be to your liking, in addition to complying with the corporate requirements that we already knew.

How do we achieve the objectives?


Creation of the WEB

The web had to be modern, complying with the corporate colors, in addition to explaining who CE Consulting Esplugues are, their services, their location and contact, as well as implementing a blog to explain all the important news that is of interest to customers of CE Consulting Esplugues.

SEO implementation

When we had just made the web and we had given the go-ahead to the whole structure and the design of the web, in addition to the texts that were being implemented, Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency did the technical SEO of the whole web to position it as soon as possible and to attract customers to your company.


Integration of Blog and Social Networks

When we already had the web and the SEO implemented, we started with the security measures. The blog was also implemented to publish the news of general interest to its target audience. We also created the LinkedIn business page of CE Consulting Esplugues and put it on the home page of the web so that it was visible.

Coworking Esplugues

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