The challenge

TOPDetectives is a project between detectives and lawyers to generate business for private detectives and help people looking for a specialized detective in their case and in their area to find it easily and receive three valuation proposals on their case.

With this short summary they explained that they needed to transfer it to a website and make this project digitally.


The solution

In Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency we think of a website where it will be clearly explained how TOPDetectitves work for users and also for detectives who will register and create their profile to receive cases that are of interest.

The best way to hire and choose a detective that goes well for each case is also explained on the web. The advantages and profitability for detectives are also explained, in being registered in TOPDetectives.


How do we achieve the objectives?


TOPDetectives web design

The design of the web, customers were already clear about the structure they needed. All we did is transfer its structure to digital. The web is really an ecommerce that launches cases to all detectives in each specialized area in the case that the person who needs their services is requested.

SEO, private area and security

A private area was made for each detective to register their data to receive the cases that are entering the web, being able to modify their data whenever they want.

SEO was made to the pages of TOPDetectives, for the positioning of the web in search engines. The entire website was optimized both in code and all the images so that the website positioned as well as possible in search engines. And it ended up making security measures to make it more difficult to inject malicious code or hack it, avoiding massive spam.

Coworking Esplugues

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