marcopolo colorshop

The challenge

marcopolo colorshop had the need to create a website to have digital presence in a new paint business that was about to be created. The physical store would be located in Cornellá de Llobregat, but it would not start from scratch since it had a long experience in the sector, and agreements with suppliers already closed to start this new project.

He left us free to design, although he had already created the corporate image. So to create the colors and the design we rely on the logo that he gave us.

The solution

En Mixmedia Agencia de Marketing Digital, pensamos en crear una landing, donde quedaran reflejados apartados como “sobre nosotros”, “servicios”, “productos”, “pedir presupuesto” y el “contacto”.

También se pusieron los logos de los proveedores con los que marcopolo colorshop trabaja, para dar una gran visibilidad de la gran amplitud de servicios que pueden ofrecer.

How do we achieve the objectives?

Creation of landing

The landing had to be very visual, and we thought of a clear structure, where the sections that had to be shown would be clearly reflected. It offers a large number of products and we think about making them in accordion so that your website is not overloaded with information. We also put the logos of all the collaborating companies that Marcopolo Colorshop works with.

SEO implementation and security

Once the web was finished and Marcopolo colorshop gave us the go-ahead, we started to do the technical SEO of the web so that it has maximum visibility, in addition to implementing google analitycs and google search console, so that it could have full control of the Web.

We also implemented security measures to make it more difficult to hack the web, and not to enter spam.

We optimized the responsive, so that it looked good on all mobile devices where it was seen. We also created different emails on the server that you had hired.

Finally, we put the landing in two languages, Spanish and Catalan.

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