Eva Baqué Legal

The challenge

Eva Baqué de Aller is a Mediator and Law graduate and contacted us to create her digital presence on the internet. Although she already worked and has extensive experience in her sector, she did not have a web or social networks that showed her visibility or the work she had done for some time.

The solution

In Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, the first thing we thought about was the creation of its website as Eva Baqué Legal. It gave us a free way for the creation of the logo, the web and the presence in social networks, that we bet on LinkedIn and discarded other social networks that could also be interesting.

How do we achieve the objectives?


Structure of the web

We think about creating a clean landing where the services offered by Eva Baqué Legal, such as mediation, immigration, administrative procedures and legal orientation, among its main services, will be shown. Also put a section of frequently asked questions and a contact form, along with your contact information and a web map, to know where the office is located.

Construction of the web

We think of the web with turquoise colors that inspire mediation and conflict resolution. We implemented the whole structure that we had talked about and together with Eva who was the editor of the texts, we completed the website. What led us most was the creation of the logo, where we had to make several designs until we found the fusion of several images that we had requested. We also created his professional LinkedIn profile, google my business and we made photographs of Eva working to complete the web.

Improvements and positioning

Once all the changes are finished, we start doing the technical SEO so that the web will position the best possible. We also implemented security measures to reinforce the web with spam and computer hacking.
Coworking Esplugues

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