Ayurveda Dharma Center

The challenge

María José after a great change and many years of training told us about her life project “Ayurveda Dharma Center“. We learned many things about his work and services, and the challenge would be to transfer everything to a website, where he clearly showed what he offered on a modern and clear website, so that people who had an interest in hiring their services can contact everyone The possible channels.

The solution

In Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, we think of a type of modern, clear web with the colors of María José told us with the colors of India. Apart from the web we hire the server and the domain to find the name you wanted. We also had to design the logo in the style of a mandala, both for the web and for your stationery.

How do we achieve the objectives?


Web design

From the colors of the flag of India, we designed a responsive website, where it was explained that it is Ayurveda Dharma Center and the services offered.

We also include the Ayurveda Dharma Center solidarity project on the web, where they contribute altruistically to helping NGOs with free workshops.

Text Implementation

From Ayurveda Dharma Center once we had structured the entire web, we passed the texts to complete the web. It was also thought to put a section of frequently asked questions so that the people who visited it would make some sections clearer. Apart from doing SEO, security measures, we implement the Google Analytics, and the Google Search Console.



A few days after delivering the web, we saw in google analytics, that its website was being visited by many people from different countries. The good results are accompanying the web, and from Mixmedia we wish your project to prosper as it is doing so far and complete all your aspirations.

Coworking Esplugues

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