Saltamos Village

The challenge

Skydive contacted us through a design company to implement a new website where we had to show that it was Salimos Village.

Satamos Village is a skydiving center located in a unique environment. In this environment you can go from jumping from a plane, to have a drink at the bar while watching paratroopers land, enjoy the pool and relax in a chill out area overlooking Montserrat.


The solution

In Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, to develop the web, we receive a fully optimized design in responsive for mobile devices.

The design company changed the entire graphic image of Skydive and took it digitally with a design adapted to the needs of this parachute company located in Sant Fruitos de Bages.


How do we achieve the objectives?

Creation of the web

To start the development of the web we got all the design of all the pages we had to develop, by the Skydive communication company.

We developed the home page explaining what is Saltamos Village. The facilities have a chill-out, the pool and a restaurant, and the courses and equipment that all skydivers form are explained on the home page. Another section of the Home page was to explain how to get to your Village, by car or train, where they pick you up if you approach the nearest station.

We implement the social networks they have, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and tripadvisor. In addition, a contact form was put in place to be able to write to answer any questions that may arise from customers.

SEO, security and translation implementation

Once the web was finished, we started translating the web into English through a company specialized in web translations. We did the organic positioning of the two languages, so that it positioned both in Spanish and in English and once we finished we applied the security measures of the web cms.
Saltamos Village

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