Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency

Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, we are a web agency that deals with the development and digital strategies for small and medium-sized companies creating innovation with technology.

Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency

Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, we are a web agency that deals with the development and digital strategies for small and medium-sized companies creating innovation with technology.

We create your digital strategy

Creating a digital environment

Boost your business

Digital marketing for your company

Mixmedia Services Digital Marketing Agency

WEB design and development

We design and create your WEB project, enhancing the image of your company or business, complying with quality and usability standards, to attract customers.


We create the SEO and organic positioning of your website for the digital growth of your company, business or project. If you don’t appear on the internet, you don’t exist.

Convergent Marketing

Convergent Marketing is a digital strategy that converts users interested in your products or services into customers for your business.

Digital marketing

Reach all market niches, boost your SEO, SEM, content and social networks, we achieve the stipulated objectives.

Digital Consulting

If you are not on the internet, you do not exist. If you want to be on the internet, you have to be in the right way to be found. Digital consulting is the first step.

WEB security

All CMS suffer millions of brute force attacks, so WordPress security and optimization is paramount for your project.

Do you need a Digital Marketing Agency?

Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, is more than a simple web agency, we take care of the development and digital strategies of your company or business, creating, developing and turning the strategy into facts with technology. There are no limits, we take care of the entire process and helping your company to create a presence in the digital world. At Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency we believe in innovation and technology.

Web, SEO, SEM, Inbound Marketing, Social Media, Video Marketing, Digital Consulting and much more.

What is Mixmedia Marketing Digital?

We are Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency and Online strategy. Our long history in the development of digital campaigns for all kinds of clients, allows us to offer innovative solutions for companies.

The 4 essential steps of our Web developments

In our methodology lies the key to success for your web project, thanks to these 4 steps we reduce development times and costs for our clients.

  • Web design
  • WordPress
  • SEO optimization
  • Security

Web design

“We make a custom design for each project”

We are in constant search of web design trends to always be at the forefront in each of our projects.


“Utilizamos el mejor CMS del mercado, por facilidad, escalabilidad, posicionamiento y versatilidad.”

Actualemente WordPress lidera el 60% del mercado de CMS, estos números no hacen más que aumentar gracias a la gran comunidad de desarrollo que lo respalda.

Optimización SEO

“La optimización SEO es impresindible para estar bien posicionados en los buscadores.”

Alcanzar las primeras posiciones es vital para lograr tus objetivos y tener una mayor visibilidad con relación a la competencia. Esto se traduce en mayores posibilidades para tu negocio.


“La seguridad es impresindible hoy en día tenerla aplicada en tu web.”

Evita que tu negocio se vea comprometido por fallos de seguridad, no permitas que los hackers se adueñen de tu trabajo o negocio.



Success rate

Coffees consumed


Completed projects

Priority for responsive design

One of our priorities is that any action complies with the multi-device responsive design standards. We focus our efforts on offering both customers and users high-quality browsing experiences.


Responsive design

All developments are adapted for multi-device viewing.



For us, the user experience is fundamental, any development must be 100% functional.


CMS - Content managers

Our clients have the power in their hands, with content managers any update is easy.



Any digital development must fully adapt to usability standards, technology available to everyone.

Our presentation video

This is a small sample of what we do, we will be happy to show you much more.

Vídeo Marketing

Video marketing is one of the best tools to communicate your brand, products or service, it helps your SEO and your message will reach all your potential clients in a clear and powerful way.

Convergent Marketing

Today the best digital strategies are those that produce content that is relevant and captures the attention of your potential customers, attraction marketing is an effective way to build loyalty.

Social Media

The greatest success that a company can have is to establish a dialogue channel with its customers, understand their needs, emotions, etc., that is why social networks are a great asset for your company.

Selection of Mixmedia Projects

They are the engine and our reason for being, they have trusted us with their projects, we have a selection of SEO, SEM, Webs, Convertgent Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Microsites, Landings, Ecommerce, Delivery, Elearning, Video Marketing, Digital Strategy, Consulting Digital, and many more.

“It is not about ideas. But to make these come true "

– Scott Belsky –

Do you still need more information?

We carry out Digital Consulting, SEO, SEM, Social Networks, Convergent Marketing, Video Marketing, Responsive Web Design and Development, Proximity Digital Marketing, big data and intelligence marketing, implementation of new customized digital strategies. We use all kinds of tools to help our clients achieve their goals.

What our clients say

Our relationship with Mixmedia Agencia de Marketing Digital was a crush. I was very fascinated by their professionalism and experience, but the most outstanding thing about this team is their collaboration, their involvement and their proactive attitude so that all projects improve every day with new ideas. In short, a partner who likes a job well done.
Marta León Peris

CEO, CoWorking Esplugues / Indunaves

Blog & Roll

Our latest articles on Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Inbound Marketing, Video Marketing, Apps, Web Trends, Proximity Digital Marketing, Beacons, Augmented Reality, Multiplatform digital campaigns, Crossmedia, Transmedia, Design, UX, Usability, tips , tips and much more …

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