The challenge

Ordconta Ordenaciones Contables is an administrative agency that manages Labor, Tax and Accounting. They contacted us because they had an outdated website, which did not comply with the current legislation, in addition to not functioning, nor positioning correctly. On the other hand they wanted to offer more services than those reflected in the web they had, in order to have an updated web in services, design and positioning.

The solution

In Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, we think about making a website with an attractive and functional design. Also that it complied with the GRPD and offered all the services that now managed.

They left us free to design, and they contributed the text they thought was necessary for the explanation of each of the services they offered.

How do we achieve the objectives?

Creation of the WEB

The design of Ordconta had to be clean and very visual. We took colors that were consistent with the brown color of the logo, I implemented a website that had a lot of movement and large icons for easy viewing, unlike the rest of the administrative management websites.

SEO implementation

Once the website is finished, we implemented technical SEO throughout the web to correctly position your brand and your tax advisory services, accounting advice, labor advice, insurance broker, sale of flats, property manager and legal advice.

Integration of Other Services

When we had the web completed, they asked us for additional services, which we had to put in a prominent place so that people who accessed it could identify them quickly. These services were access to communities and the employee portal.

Coworking Esplugues

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