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LOPD, legal notice, privacy policy, cookies policy. Laws are mandatory, and ignorance does not exempt you from them. We can offer you all legal services, so that you are within the law.


Terms such as trademark registration, cookies policy, legal notice, privacy policy, LOPD (Organic Law on Data Protection), LSSICE (Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce), are an essential part of being inside of legality. You have to fulfill them, so you do not have any problems.


If you have not registered a brand there may be third parties that in the future could remove the brand. The Electronic Commerce Law requires identifying the owner of the website, unless it is personal. If you collect data or send newsletters you must comply with the LOPD. If you sell on the web you have to comply with what the LSSI marks, which requires providing prior and detailed information about the purchase.


The penalties for not complying with the law on your website can be very high. For example, the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD), can bring an economic penalty of 60,000 euros, and in particular cases this figure may fall short. It is better to have everything tied and well tied to avoid unpleasant surprises, that may lead to a business, which has cost so much to run, toward the ground.

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