We are going to talk about Google Audience Center

If you are obsessed with the metrics and constant analysis of Google Analytics, Adwords, Adsense and everything that moves, what we are going to talk about today will please you, nothing more and nothing less than Google Audience Center.

We bring you one of the solutions that is giving so much to talk and comes integrated within the  Google Analytics 360 Suite,  today is the turn of Google Audience Center and we will talk a little about how you can change the rules of the game.

analitycs 360 suite

What is Google Audience Center?

Google Audience Center, is an integrated data management platform, which collects and organizes all the data sources of your digital campaigns, it is so simple that it allows to find, expand and reach the most valuable audiences with the right message at the precise moment.

In other words, it is an information center for agencies and advertisers, the data collected is the holy grail, which will then allow us to refine our messages, campaigns and everything we need, impacting our potential customers correctly.


dashboard Google Audience Center

Why is Google Audience Center so important?

In short, the one who controls the information and learns to interpret it correctly will achieve the objectives effectively.

This fantastic tool of Google opens for agencies and advertisers a range of unimaginable opportunities.

We can have access to all the different user behaviors, tastes, browsing habits, and even consumption, in a fast and precise way.

Additionally, GAC offers an open platform that allows a perfect integration with its digital advertising solutions, such as DoubleClick, AdWords and other third-party platforms, which facilitates instant access to information and optimizes all advertising campaigns in a very short time.

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Some additional information:

  • With this tool, you will be able to make unique audience discoveries, which you will surely not find anywhere else on the market.
  • Gather and consolidate the analysis, campaigns, emails, and CRM, and improve them with data from third parties and Google.
  • You can do native integration with Google AdWords and DoubleClick products, in addition to integrations with third-party platforms such as DSP, facilitating all the management of campaigns of your agency and customers.
  • Integrations with Google Analytics 360 Suite and Doubleclick Digital Marketing eliminate the need to re-tag, so it can be up and running in less than 24 hours.


So you know how to get going and get the most out of these Google tools, which will surely take your business to the next level.

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