Advertising narratives

What is the purpose of advertising narratives? We have already commented in some previous posts of our blog that today’s consumers are eager for new experiences. A brand that does not provide any kind of experience is forgotten or directly goes unnoticed. But to sell our brand not only has to offer diverse experiences but also, to be credible, they must have consistency. This consistency is achieved from the marketing plan that the agency and the client have marked. This, therefore, will apply to all media in which this campaign will be shown, from physical media to digital media.

A very important point to keep in mind when starting a campaign (and with it a marketing plan) is the narrative line that you want to follow. The narrative is, simply, the story that we are going to create around that product or service whose objective will be to connect with the future consumer.

For a narrative to be effective, we must take into account the geographic location where the campaign will be carried out and the product on which we will work. If a narrative does not fit in a place, however much this narrative changes, we will not be able to sell the product.


Basic tips for creating narratives

  • Messages: they should be brief and concise. A concept that encompasses many others, so that later, the different aspects of it can be explored and small changes can be made in the event of notable changes in society. But we must not forget that the essence of this first great concept will always remain.
  • Comparisons: these usually transmit security, but it is more advisable to use them in products of basic need or mass consumption.
  • Lexicon: we all have a tendency to use stereotypes since it is a way of simplifying reality when building a character. However, it is preferable to choose to use the archetypes before the stereotypes, because we run the risk of causing misunderstandings.

For these reasons, the most important thing is always to know the context of consumption of this advertising and in the political, social, cultural and economic moment in which we find ourselves.


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