Usability in an electronic commerce is the first step to success.

What is usability in an electronic commerce? Well, the web works well and the customer has a good experience when you visit your e-commerce.

To have a good usability it is fundamental to understand how the user thinks, what are their needs and objectives to offer the best experience. In short, the client understands where he/she is, what is he/she doing and if he/she is pleased with his needs as a consumer.

For this we see several things to take into account the usability in an electronic commerce:

  • The user wants quality and credibility.
  • They do not read, they scan.
  • Costumers are impatient.
  • They look for links.
  • Costumers do not want problems, nor difficulties.
  • He wants simplicity and simpleness.
  • They are usual animals (if we like something we continue using it)

We have 2 key moments in the usability process that can make the client reject the continue browsing our commerce.

1.- The purchase process:

Make it clear that the product has been added to the shopping cart and includes availability information. The price must be in a prominent place as well as the shipping costs.
When the order is made, the buttons must be clear to make the call to action. It is interesting to make quick purchase buttons (buy now), and not ask for data that are not necessary, such as an I.D

2.- Check out:

If you fail in the forms, you will fail in the conversion rate. We have to specify delivery times and put different forms of payment and security seals. You have to get the maximum to facilitate the purchase and have the assurance that the product is what they want and what will get them.

The payment methods preferred by consumers in order of use are Paypal, Visa or Mastercard, bank transfer and cash on delivery. Although there are many more, we have to find a balance between offering the maximum payment methods to facilitate the purchase, but as long as they are profitable for our business.

Another element that we have to take into account is that almost 90% of online buyers consider that free delivery is a driver of the purchase. This has made it a global standard due to the motivation of buyers to make the purchase.

As Marco Velázquez commented in his article 10 tips to be successful in e-commerce that is 100% related to usability in an e-commerce.

“It is possible that we are living an era in which undertaking a business is much easier than before.” – Marco Velázquez

Some relevant data on usability in an electronic commerce

Currently, 74% of online shoppers think that the online shopping process was easy for them, and 96% believe that their latest online purchase was good. This data means that 91% of buyers are convinced that they will buy again online compared to the physical store.

With all these indications the objective that we have to achieve is that the people who have bought are a loyalty club or that they speak well of your store. This will give incredible strength to your trade and will result in safe sales. There is nothing better than a satisfied customer speaks well of your brand.

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