Today we will talk about how to approach to make the perfect e-mail, avoiding bad practices.

This is something that we have surely considered many times. And although there is no perfect e-mail, because each person who receives them is different, with a few points to follow and doing things correctly we will have a lot of experience gained.

The first thing we must ask ourselves is, why do we send it? It is essential to have a clear and well-defined objective of what we are doing.

Then we will have to determine who makes up the audience and segment the contact database since segmented lists receive 62% more clicks than the unsegmented emails sent. But how do we segment these lists? the segmentation can be done by geographical location, country, time use, with criteria such as IP, area code or address, sales opportunities by position, seniority, department to which they belong, or their function within the department.

25% of your email list will become obsolete every year, so we must update them.

email marketing perfecto

What kind of content to send in your perfect e-mail to your customers?

We can think of videos, blog posts on your page, presentations, free tools, and high-level guides. Anything that makes emails add value for our customers.

We are already in the final part, we have to customize and optimize to generate interest and ensure that all elements of our mail have a good appearance.

It is important to send the right content at the right time and use it to cultivate sales opportunities and turn them into customers. We should not incur in bad practices like buying databases, since the people who receive our unsolicited emails, the only thing that does is reduce the value of our brand. They may mark our emails as spam and this greatly damages our ability to deliver and credibility.

We must use responsive templates, so they are adapted to all types of screens. If we include a call to action or a button, make sure there is space around, to be able to touch it with your finger. The messages must be clear, concise and at least use a 12 font of size.

And finally, before sending an email to someone, ask yourself this question:
Would I like to read this if I see it in my inbox? If you do not want it for you, do not want it for anyone.

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