Why use Digital Marketing for your business?

Digital marketing is becoming essential for business, we will explain the advantages, and how actions should be developed so that your digital marketing is really something effective and results in a greater increase of customers for your business.

Are you one of those who think that traditional methods are still working today? Like traditional mail, door-to-door sales or phone calls, and what will help you sell your products?

We leave you this data so you can see how the market evolves:

  • In Google, more than 620 million searches are made per day.
  • Facebook reached 400 million users in three years.
  • Youtube shows 100 million videos per day.

Once we have seen these figures, we leave you 6 points for which you should use digital marketing for your business.

1.- Showing your business, brand, company or company with social networks generating sales and visibility of your business. In addition, the creation of these networks is free. After searching on the internet, 9 out of 10 people already know what they will buy when they arrive at the store.

2.- Develop brand loyalty with an active community. They will talk about you, and you will know things about you that you would not have imagined. You can correct possible errors and continue generating new sales opportunities, just listening to what they say about your company or products. Besides, you can create an emotional connection with your products, brand or company and your customers.

3.- Through what is said about you, you can improve the customer service. Listening and helping the consumer, generating great confidence in your brand.

4.- Having a good online presence, having the right social networks to your products and having a well-made website and not only talk about the aesthetic, but the SEO is well developed, positioning your website, and that people easily find what you’re offering.
Social networks increase traffic to your website thanks to search engines and make your website the showcase for what people are looking for.

5.- Increase your sales and your audience, to reach new consumers. Digital marketing makes you reduce costs, compared to traditional advertising (press, radio, and television) that is unattainable for most small and medium enterprises.

6.- The world of digital marketing is fully measurable, and you can make personalized campaigns for your target audience, making distinctions by age, geographical area, gender and specific sectors where your customers are. This way you have a lot of data to base yourself when you have to make a decision. Learn what works, and what does not work, to continue on the right path.

Once we are clear that digital marketing is important for our business, what should we do? Well, although it seems obvious, you have to have a strategy to be effective. And here we leave you, the steps that we believe most important to make a correct strategy.

 marketing online

Digital marketing strategies

We are going to trace a series of actions planned and aimed at achieving your objectives. If nobody sees you, you do not exist.

1.- Search engines positioning, improving SEO so that you appear in searches of both Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. To appear in the first positions you have to do a search for keywords of your products or services so that when people look for you they can find you.

With these keywords, we will have to generate content, within your web page.

Optimize the content and structure of your website, make friendly URLs and create link strategies, making links to your suppliers or other pages that talk about your products or services.

2.- Inbound marketing (attraction marketing).

This part is very important since it is about turning people into customers and later into promoters of your brand.
It is a non-invasive marketing, but we attract people generating valuable content, such as blogs, social networks, videos, ebooks, etc. In the following link, we’ll explain to you how to make high-quality content.

This value content that we have to generate has to answer the questions and needs of your customers, to be able to help them in everything necessary. In short, we make people find you when they are looking for you. On the internet, we look for solutions or answers to the needs that we have. In this way, we do not bombard them with advertising, but they are the ones that come because they like the content that we are generating.

When we search for something, we divide the purchase process into three stages:

  • Exploration: is an educational stage and provide service or solutions to their problems.
  • Consideration: we can offer success cases or how you helped some clients.
  • Decision: we send an offer, to be able to close the sale.

3.- Outbound marketing is digital marketing actions for which we will have to pay in order to have a return on investment. We will make an investment in digital advertising because in this way we will make our content reach users faster.

We can make campaigns in Google Adwords, promoted banners, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.

In Mixmedia, this third point is left as residual, since we consider that positioning and inbound are the best for business unless you want to have immediate results. The constant work to win over your customers is the best and cheapest investment you are going to make since marketing is really about the values offered by your company, not the product itself.

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