How to choose the social network that we need?

The first thing you need to know to choose the social network we need is that you do not have to be on all social networks. You will lose time and time is gold. We have to select the best social networks to reach the audience you need.

And which are the best social networks for you? They will be where your potential ideal clients are interacting.

And who is your potential client? You know for sure that you know it well, but there are tools that can help you find it, such as a map of empathy. Here we leave this graphic that will help you find the much sought after potential client:

mapa de empatia

We already have the potential client for your business and we are clarifying a bit to where we have to address, but there are many social networks, and to have a slight idea, we leave you a small list to know how to choose the social network according to your approach.

Social networks:

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Ning, Tagged, Meetup, Google +, Bebo, Multiply, Orkut, Badoo, StumbleUpon, Foursquare, MyOpera, Kiwibox, Hi5.

Networks to create blogs:

WordPress, Tumblr, Xanga, OpenDiary.

Networks to publish videos:

YouTube, Vimeo, FunnyOrDie.

Networks to publish and share photographies:

Flickr, Fotki, Fotolog, Instagram, Pinterest.

Networks for teenagers and young people:

Habbo, Tuenti.

Lifestyle networks:

Last.FM, Buzznet, CaringBridge, ReverbNation, TV, Flixter, GaiaOnline, BlackPlanet, Care2, DeviantART, ibibo, VampireFreaks, CafeMom, Ravelry, Cross., ASmallWorld.

Meeting networks:

Classmates, MyHeritage, MyLife, Geni.

Tourism networks:

Wayn, CouchSurfing, TravBuddy.

Cell phone networks:

Cellufun, MocoSpace, ItsMy.

Business Networks:

LinkedIn, Viadeo, Ryze, Focus, XING.

With this list, we can get an idea of the social networks that we can address according to the focus of our business. And if we want to deepen even more about the networks that can be useful to us, we can always do a compilation of information from our competitors. Because copying the one who does it well and learning from them it is fabulous.

elegir la red social

When we are clear about our target audience and the network or networks we have to address, we must bear in mind that everything is not done, now we have to:

  1. Learn how to use the social networks you use, because if we do not know how to use them, it will be useless.
  2. Create quality content and provide value (with innovative content) for the audience you are targeting.
  3. You have to invest time, money and effort. Try to publish daily to get our message to reach the largest possible people who are interested in our product.
  4. Segment the audience, and not want to reach the whole world, but those people who may be interested in your product.
  5. Interact and help your audience.

If we do all these points we have a lot of livestock to succeed in social networks, but we must have patience and perseverance since social networks need their time to be paying off.

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