5 SEO mistakes and your strategy will not work, it’s that simple. One of the biggest concerns, when we venture into the SEO world, is to do things well so as not to be penalized by Google’s dreaded algorithms (Panda, Hummingbird, Penguin, etc.).

The 5 common SEO mistakes that we make more frequent, have an easy solution. What are and how to solve them is the reason for this post?

Let’s start from the beginning:

Which are the 5 common SEO mistakes?

  • Lack of value proposition.
  • Perform bad practices.
  • Do not align the SEO with the rest of the marketing actions.
  • Use outdated techniques
  • Slowness in the implementation of news.

How to solve them?

  • Stay updated on trends. If you fall behind in the trends, in a short time you will be outdated.
  • Do not risk bad practices. In the end, it is Google that ends up realizing it, penalizing you for it.
  • Integrate SEO within the marketing strategy. SEO has to be one more tool within your marketing strategy, if not each one will go their own way and will not help the final cause. We recommend that you see this article on SEO tips Copywriting: 4 SEO Copywriting tips for making perfect content.
  • Build long-term value. The value is what your followers will value most in you if you do not create value and attraction, all the effort you have done will not serve you in your strategy.
  • Quickly implement changes to the website. All the points are important, but it is also that these changes are implemented on your website. The culmination of a job well done.
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