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Today we are going to talk about a topic that increasingly worries more people, security in WordPress is a sensitive issue that affects all users of this platform. We have to say that we are not security specialists in WordPress, but the experience of years working with WordPress has taught us, what we must do to make our website safe against malware, robots, hacker attacks, and brute force attacks. And we tell you that and we are sure of what we tell you because we have put it into practice because all our websites come standard with the security measures in WordPress and we have not yet had any website that has fallen.

Let’s start with what should we do in WordPress security.


The first measure of all is that when we started to create our website, it is not to take the hosting because it is cheap. We say it in general, not for any specific case, since these based on cheaper price, they do it because they do not invest in security.

The next step that is common sense is to create a secure login, forget about weak records even if they are comfortable when remembering. Passwords should always be strong, so they are not easily hacked and can be changed regularly. It is also important that we avoid using the “admin” user since it is the most usual one within the CMS in general, everything that is not usual will help to make the hackers difficult.




Another measure we can take to make it more difficult for hackers and increase security in WordPress is not to take free templates. These can have security holes and pay dearly for what you got for free. In our agency, for years we no longer work with templates, free or paid. It is true that implementing a template saves you a lot of construction work, but that template has been created by another person, and we do not know what your work has been.

We have chosen to work with builders, and the entire web has been developed by us, therefore we have full control of the web

And there are still more…


We also have to avoid free, unknown plugins on our website, without updating or with few downloads. This does not mean that there are not very good free plugins, the clear example is SEO by Yoast. But you have to suspect if they have few downloads or are not updated for a long time. One of the things to know if the plugin is reliable is to see the comments of the users, which will give us a clue as to whether it is good or not.

We also have to avoid downloading anything in unofficial sites, since we do not really know what we are downloading, we do not know what we are going to put on our website, and this is dangerous.

Another thing we should always do is have our WordPress updated to the latest version, as well as our template and our plugins. One of the things we should not do is create the web and leave it on our server without updating for a long time.

As with our vehicles, we make revisions, the webs are the same. Maintenance is essential for WordPress security.


More security measures are to delete templates and unnecessary plugins. If we do not use them, it is better to erase them. Everything that we will not use and is necessary for the operation of our website, it is better than it is not.


So far we have taken many security measures, but now we are going, with other measures that are going to make it almost impossible to knock down your WordPress.

seguridad en WordPress


Normally we all enter our pages by putting the name of our domain followed by “wp-admin” because if it is what everyone does, we have to change our access URL to the desktop and change the “wp-admin” for another word that only you know. So the robots will not find any access door. And do not forget to put a maximum number of loggings so they do not have many attempts to enter our desktop.

Finally and to finish removing the server readme.txt file, because through this we can give information about our page, and activate the SSL certificate (https), which now the servers give free or at very affordable prices.

Below we recommend some plugins that will help you improve WordPress security:

With all this, we have a secure website almost 100%, although we must not forget to make backup copies of our database as it will save us from many troubles. Having that backup to restore our website is a lifesaver that we will always appreciate.

We hope we have been of help, and if you have any further questions do not hesitate to write us, and we will help you with everything you need. If you want more safety information, we suggest you visit our section on digital WordPress security services

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