The challenge

AdFinGestio spoke with us because they had a project and did not have a digital presence. On the web page that we had to build, they had to leave all the services they offered. The main service was the administration of farms, but they offered a full service of legal advice, agency, real estate and insurance. You also had to build a private area, because they offer online community management.

The solution

In Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, we created a web structure where the home would serve as a showcase for all its services, at the same time we would create individualized pages of each service that we used to position each of them organically. We create a tab that links to a page to do all the procedures of management of online farms.

How do we achieve the objectives?


Structure of the web

We draw on our board what would be all the services offered by AdFinGestio. We had to explain each section in detail to be able to perfectly implement all the services offered. They also informed us that the web had to have a download section of an APP and a private area link for the management of the communities.

Construction of the web

When we already had clear the structure of the web, we put ourselves to make a modern design and with the necessary positions. We rely on the color palette that your logo offered us for the design of all the pages. They gave us a free way to design and structure the web as we thought it could work. We built an area where users could download an APP for the management of online farms (NetFincas Vecinos 6.0).


Improvements and positioning

We had to redo the texts several times and give them a few more laps to leave exactly the services, as they had to go. Once finished, we set out to do the private area that linked to their management of online farm management, SEO positioning and the two languages ​​with which they wanted to complete the web.

Coworking Esplugues

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