The challenge

jqBoix, Joaquín Boix contacted us in July 2018, because his tax consultancy had begun to walk alone, after 20 years of experience in other companies. What he asked us was to have an Internet presence, since until now he had not needed it. He started a new project, and wanted to be close to his clients as he always had been.

The solution

At Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, the first thing we think about is creating your website and your image on the internet while creating your google mybusiness. We also update and optimize your LinkedIn to have a first presence of your project on the internet. The project was exciting because we started from scratch, and we started to create.

How do we achieve the objectives?



We sat down with him and he began to explain to us that he already had a created logo, which was the one that represented his project, and also he began to explain to us what fields of specialization he had in his company. As a tax advisor he helped companies and freelancers in tax, accounting, labor and commercial matters.

Implementation of improvements

We implemented at the same time your google mybusiness and your web. The texts of the web we put them in first person to give that proximity that he asked us. He corrected us many texts as a good advisor, because he wanted to be exact in each defición.
Finally, we updated and optimized his LinkedIn, which was the social network he had.

Final score

The web faithfully reflects what Joaquin represents: work experience and closeness to his clients.
His way of speaking and explaining himself, is translated on his website. His color palette was based on the colors of his logo.
We made a man explaining what his advice offers and for each specialty we created a landing that would help us a lot in positioning.
Coworking Esplugues

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