The 7 catastrophic errors in Social Media that we can commit

When we start in Social Media, naturally, we commit mistakes. Here, we are going to enumerate a list of the most frequent ones, so that when we start working on our social channels we do not fall into them.

Here we tell you:

7 catastrophic mistakes of social medias:

1.- Leave an incomplete profile

One of the most common mistakes is leaving the profile incomplete. We must always complete the profile, and leave it in such a way that it transmits what we are and what we do.

2.- Delete comments

Deleting the comments that you do not like. This means that you do not accept criticism and do not learn from mistakes. All comments are good if we know how to channel them and learn from them. If people realize that you manipulate comments, it can be an insurmountable obstacle in social media.

3.- Leaving comments without a response

Do not respond to the comments of your followers, it is a very serious error. It means that you do not pay attention, or listen to the people who speak to you. It is a major lack of respect.

4.- Grow without a strategy

Wanting to gain followers at any price is another mistake. You can have thousands of followers in your accounts, that if they do not care about what you offer, they are useless. The important thing is the quality of those followers.

5.- Publish without sense

That the rite of your publications is excessive or scarce. It’s so bad to tire with your publications, like not doing them. You have to find a middle term and be constant. But above all the publications must follow the interests of your followers.

6.- Don’t integrating

Not integrating social networks into your website. If you are generating traffic, but you do not send them to your business, you are losing an important advantage, letting many potential customers leave.

7.- Try to be omnipresent

Being present in all social networks and not in those that interest you. You do not need to be in all networks, but only those that are most interesting to your business. Being in all makes you not really in any.

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