Viajes y Vacunas

The challenge

They contacted us to create Viajes y vacunas and what was the business model. In this case we had to create a website where it would be explained that just like going to social security to get vaccinated when making a trip, the possibility of doing it privately was opened, without waiting and with the same costs for the traveler . They let us put the design and the initial texts and later modify them with the final texts.

The solution

In Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, we had to create an attractive web design where it was clear that it was Viajes y vacunas and, at the same time, optimize it very well in SEO, so that the greatest number of people could access this service. The photos had to be related to travel, and we looked for some photos of exotic countries, which are more conducive to us having to vaccinate.

How we achieve the objectives

Web design

When the design of Viajes y vacunas was thought, it was thought of a modern design, with green and blue colors, and many large travel photos, to give the sensation of showing a page of visit of distant places and tropical countries.

Implementation of improvements

A first structure was made with all the content that had happened to us, but it was thought that we would not give so much information that it could be heavy and make it more agile. Contact forms and reservation forms were set up to pick up time. Also, each page was linked to social networks, so they could have more information about Viajes y vacunas.


SEO optimization

All SEO pages were optimized, in a semantic way, and using all the keywords needed by the web. The https certificate was also purchased, so Google will not penalize its positioning.

Coworking Esplugues

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