SANIGER Hair Center

The challenge

SANIGER Hair Center had an e-commerce made in shopify, but it had been outdated in design, but above all in organic positioning. Our purpose was to make WordPress a more modern website, putting Wocommerce to set up the online store, offering its hair treatment products.

The solution

En Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, we have a free way within your corporate image to assemble the web and e-commerce in the way that we consider most convenient. Having already had a long relationship with them, we were clear about the structure of the website and the objectives to be achieved. SEO positioning would be the most important thing to achieve, to be first in the searches on the hair and its treatment.

How do we achieve the objectives?


Structuring e-commerce

Saniger hair center already had all the information in the previous page of shopify, and it helped us to pick up many texts, especially the quotes that María José SANIGER, had contributed. Their corporate colors and logo would be the same to maintain the same image they had until now.

Construction of the web

Once we had all the clear ingredients, we started the structuring and construction of the web that would end up becoming an e-commerce. The image of the center had to be enhanced, as well as its founder María Jose Saniger. We took photos of all your products, and configured the e-commerce. We also moved the entire blog that was on the previous page to the new one that had been built.


SEO and languages

When we already had the whole web assembled, with the included products it was time to do SEO for the organic positioning and the translation of all the pages including all publications that the page had. The positioning of the blog in both languages ​​(Castellano and Catalán) was also important for the page to appear in the top search positions in google.

Coworking Esplugues

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