Hospital Veterinari de Catalunya

The challenge

Hospital Veterinari de Catalunya contacted us to carry out the hospital’s comprehensive marketing. They have 3 hospitals and 7 clinics, and a global strategy had to be set up. Bring social networks and modify the website, in turn required SEO optimization of your page, blog articles and clinical cases.

The solution

En Mixmedia Agencia de Marketing Digital, lo primero que hicimos es poner medidas de seguridad en la web para que no fuera hackeada, aparte pusimos medidas antispam porque entraba una cantidad de spam excesiva. Empezamos la optimización SEO, tanto de las páginas, como de las entradas al blog, como los casos clínicos.

How do we achieve the objectives?



We did a study of all the things that did not work on the website of Hospital Veterinari de Catalunya, and things that were missing for the proper management of the page. We looked at social networks like Instagram and Facebook to see the way it was published on them. All this to make the implementation of improvements.

Implementation of improvements

Once we saw all the improvements to be implemented, we got to work. The page is in three languages, so all the improvements are practically multiplied by three. We put anti-spam, anti-hacker measures and began to optimize everything that could be done on the page so that Google indexed and positioned all the pages and entries on the web.


Thanks to all the improvements the page is growing in traffic, thanks to the improvements of SEO and social networks. Campaigns are also being carried out on Instagram and Facebook to publicize everything that Hospital Veterinari de Catalunya offers. Apart from all this we involve social wifi in its three hospitals to do big data.

Coworking Esplugues

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