Bold Innovation

The challenge

Bold Innovation s a synergy project created by two innovation and development companies, it is a transatlantic collaboration project of Drop Innovation (Spain) and BCK (Argentina) for the development and innovation of new technologies in the agricultural sector. The challenge was to develop a website that will integrate both companies to be able to publicize the services and cases already developed.

The solution

In Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, we carry out a market and competition study, we are guided by the guidelines received by the client and we carry out all the digital development of the web.

How do we achieve the objectives?


Competition analysis

Competence analysis with various web tools, we listen to the needs of the client and we make a proposal for the development that will adapt to your needs. Some technical subjects of the competences related to accessibility, speed, user experience, servers, contents, URLs and a series of other control points were also checked.

Web development

We created a plan to make the web by establishing some deadline dates so that we could get to the launch, we had little time since the web would be presented at an agricultural innovation exhibition in Germany.

Publication and launch

We managed to deliver the website within the deadlines established with the client, the launch in Germany was a success.
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