The challenge

Distriolivo is a project to make known the gourmet products of a land as beautiful and as special as the Andalusian, and more specifically the province of Cordoba. Its products are extra virgin olive oils, wines, vermouths and gins. Its commitment is to find in each moment a product that stands out for its high quality.

The solution

En Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, we started thinking about the design of the web, to give them a touch of exclusivity and an image consistent with the gourmet products they distribute. The texts were very thought and the images were contracted to a study to give the quality that deserves the product that they offer.

How do we achieve the objectives?

Web design

The design of the distriolivo website was modified until it came up with the image that was wanted to show according to the image of the exclusive products that are offered, everything had to go hand in hand, as well as the chosen colors.

Web development

Once the design was finished, the web was built and developed exactly to the design that had been built.

Improvement plan

Once the structure of the web was finished, SEO began to be implemented, so that distriolivo positioned perfectly, and its products were in the top positions in google searches. The importance of this first phase of the web is that your customers contact distriolivo to order any of their products. Information was created for both individuals and companies.
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