RHT Cold

The challenge

RHT Cold is the launch of a new product. It is a new gel that has several applications. One of them is the application for high competition sport to increase performance. It also has applications for the industry, for the treatment of injuries and recoveries. We had to create a landing where all its functions were included and that was for the English-speaking market and the Spanish-speaking market.

The solution

In Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, together with our Drop Innovation partners, we created a design to be able to offer it to the client and to give the approval. Once the o.k. from the client a landing was mounted where it was seen graphically and with explanatory texts all its functions and applications, explaining all the benefits that this product offers.

How do we achieve the objectives?


Design of the landing

A design was set up, where it had to be, what was the new product of RHT Cold and where all the functions to which the cooling gel is intended were clearly seen.

Implementation of the landing

Once the design was finished and with the approval of the client, we began to assemble the structure of the landing, applying the typography and the exact colors that had been designed. Once the first landing in English was finished, it had to be replicated in Spanish. In this way the product could reach more countries.


Delivery of the project

Thanks to the design and implementation of the landing, RTH Cold already has its product on the internet for commercialization, both for English-speaking and Spanish-speaking countries. Surely this website will undergo new changes, to be able to reach more people and offer new products and services.

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