Red Skull Bones

The challenge

Red Skull Bones was born from passion in a way of understanding life that brings together many people and a passion for skulls. It was a project that had been thinking for a long time and had to create a brand with a very specific image. This image has been reconsidered many times until it has been met with what was sought.

The solution

In Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, we think about creating a brand for a very specific and very complicated market niche. The texts and images took a long time to find what was wanted. Red Skull bones brings together subjects as diverse as skulls, clothes, motorbikes and a way of living out of the ordinary.

How we achieve the objectives?



Content was generated in text and image and it was decided to open social networks to show all the images were created.

Implementation of texts and images

Once the study was completed, a plan was put in place to make all the necessary improvements to the web.

Positioning of the web

Thanks to all the improvements and the results obtained, it was possible to develop a long-term content plan to continue improving the positioning constantly.
Coworking Esplugues

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