The challenge

In Mixmedia we set out to make an affiliation website with amazon and from this came miscalaveras. But it is clear that an affiliation website, if you do not bring traffic to your affiliate, is of little use. We are fond of skulls and we saw that people looked a lot for the word calaveras, we already had the market niche.

The solution

In Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, we got down to work, and we started to build miscalaveras.com, so that we could put all the skull products, which our affiliates sold. We sacrificed the aesthetics of the web, but we did an exceptional SEO job, because we wanted it to position in the shortest possible time.

How do we achieve the objectives?


Start of the project

The first thing we did was to associate with amazon. Once associated we look for something that people will look for a lot. And we explained a little secret, and that is that we are very fond of skulls, we already had another project called calaveras redskullbones, that when the time allows us we will finish it. So we started to investigate and what was the result? people love skulls, or so their searches say. Come, come to work …

Creation of the web

When we were already clear that we were going to make the affiliation website, we started to build it. Adding all the possible products related to the skulls. We did not imagine that there were so many products that had skulls, from camisitas, rings, vinols, molds, helmets, glassware, earrings, lighters, leggings and a long etc that you can see in miscalaveras.com



The result is miscalaveras.com, as an affiliation page. It is an exciting project for us, because we can demonstrate that by doing a good SEO, we will position ourselves in the first places of search, causing us to bring a lot of traffic to our affiliate, which will turn into sales and commissions.

Coworking Esplugues

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