The challenge

Tequesan is an ecommerce of gourmet products based in San Sebastian, the reason for the contact was to improve the positioning of ecommerce, publicize the product throughout the Spanish market and increase the volume of orders.

The solution

In Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, we inquired about the current positioning of Tequesan, in our studies we determined that Ecommerce should be re-done in a simple and well-structured way to improve positioning and get a larger volume of potential customers.

How do we achieve the objectives?


SEO audit

Analysis with various SEO tools throughout the ecommerce, accessibility, speed, user experience, servers, contents, URLs and a series of other control points were checked.

Development of new ecommerce with improvements

Once the study was completed, a plan was put in place to make all the necessary improvements to the web.

Content plan

Thanks to all the improvements and the results obtained, it was possible to develop a long-term content plan to continue improving the positioning constantly.
Coworking Esplugues

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