The challenge

The challenge would be dedronesonline. We set out in Mixmedia to do what we call a SATAS (Super Afiliatte Turbo Accelerate SEO). This word was to get an affiliation website with Amazon that would position it as soon as possible in the first search posts, in such a way that all this traffic will be transformed into a purchase in the page of our affiliate.

The solution

In Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, we thought about looking for a market niche that would rise. Some product that we knew that in the future was very requested. We did a small market study and saw that the drones were our product. We started to work the web dedronesonline, in its structure, usability and above all positioning.

How do we achieve the objectives?



We wanted to make a web affiliation, to show customers, that you can make money doing things right. But the web had to rank among the first search results. The SATAS “dedronesonline” was our challenge.

Implementation of improvements

We started the construction of the web, introducing amazon affiliate products. Each page that was created made us position perfectly. We introduced products, a page of videos of drones, a blog to be adding all the new information that came out on drones and especially the information of all the legality on this world that is on the rise.


The web even without being indexed and just finished building what was the main structure, already received visits from different sites (we saw it by our friends of google analitycs). As all the pages had the perfect SEO, it positioned wonderfully, already in the first days indexed to the amazon affiliation products. This web is being born and in a short time we will be able to explain to you how its evolution has been. We are very excited about this project.
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