Web Centro Jurídico Esplugues

The challenge

Centro Jurídico Esplugues contacted us through its website. Another agency was creating the web, but they had not been finished for a year. We managed social networks, and for your online strategy, it was imprendable and very important that you finish your website. After trying to finish it and seeing that it was impossible to finish it, we passed the project of the creation of the Web Esplugues Legal Center.

The solution

In Mixmedia Agencia de Marketing Digital, we put two challenges that we thought were priorities. One was to set up the web with a short delivery time since they had been around for a year without being able to finish their website. This way they could start offering their online services. As a second challenge we thought that it would be more functional and dynamic. At the same time they also had to include all the services they had told us they offered and be able to manage online procedures.

How do we achieve the objectives?



Study of needs and contents of all the documentation managed by the Centro Jurídico de Esplugues. The web had to have an online management page and another where the whole team appeared.

Construction and implementation

Once the study was finished, we launched the construction of the website, and the implementation of all the services that the Centro Jurídico de Esplugues offers to its clients and structured in such a way that they provide traffic and customers.


The new website is more optimized and more focused on the needs of Centro Jurídico de Esplugues. All the services they offer are created and the people who are interested in your help know what the center manages. They can also carry out procedures through the web, without the need for travel.
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