The challenge

Skydive is a project that came to us through a design company, which needed a slightly special website for these paratroopers who are the first to settle in Barcelona. This website had some peculiarities that caused them to get out of the conventions. The first thing is that it was designed directly for mobile, it had to have the same corporate image as other websites that were being carried out simultaneously and most importantly it had to have a booking engine, adapting to a schedule of hourly reservation breaks, in Combination of the two planes that were available for tandem jumps.

The solution

The first thing we did at Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency was the design of the web, just like the mockup we had received. Once we had the structure mounted and waiting for the definitive changes of images, text and content, we began to mount the reserve engine in which the two planes they have, the seats of each plane and the schedules had to be taken into account of flights.

Apart from what they had already asked us, a discount coupon system for promotions was set up. As well as payment gateways, invoices, pre-reservations, and the configuration of everything that WooCommerce entails.


How do we achieve the objectives?


Skydive design

Several meetings were held with the design company and Skydive to cover all the needs of this ecommerce. From all this, improvements were added to the web until finding the perfect point to cover all the needs they demanded for the automation of all the processes they performed with their customers.

SEO and languages

When the web was finished, improvements were made, such as the optimization of all images, code and SEO of all pages. The first version was made in Spanish, but according to the needs of Skydive, the website has been set in English and French. They do not rule out continuing to put more languages ​​as necessary.

Coworking Esplugues

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