Uroandrologia Barcelona

the challenge

Uroandrologia Barcelona was the project of Dr. Edgar Villavicencio. He contacted us because he wanted to make a website where he explained all the services they offered, such as TUMY, MENWELL and VENUS, as well as showing his medical team. He also wanted to show what clinics and mutuals he and his team worked with. In this way we start the project.

the solution

In Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, we thought about creating a first page where we could show all the services that were offered and derive each section in a page (landing) where each service could be explained, in which it consisted and what was the corresponding treatment for each case.

How do we achieve the objectives?



We build a page with a lot of explanation of each particular case. They had three different sections, such as TUMI, MENWELL and VENUS, and each landing we thought with different colors, so that they differed a lot between them. They also wanted a blog and we put a link to reserve engine to have appointments with doctors in each center where they exercised.

Construction of the web

We made a first web proposal for Uroandrologia Barcelona, which Dr. Villavicencio liked but wanted more impressive images, which would better show his work and to whom it was addressed. So we did, we implemented the changes that he considered would improve the web, and this has been the final result.


SEO and security measures

When we had the final website, the first thing we did was to do SEO to position the web as best as possible. We created the Uroandrologia Barcelona blog, where Dr. Villavicencio and his team could write and we ended up implementing security measures on the web so that Hakear could not be made and we put anti spam measures.

Coworking Esplugues

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