Pàtums i memas

The challenge

Pàtums i memas contact us in reference to your web page. It was a website with which we had already had work for a while. Its poor construction and its difficulty in implementing the changes, made it a useless website for Pàtums i memas. It was penalized in positioning by google, apart from including some legal aspects.

The solution

In Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, we started working dividing the project in two phases. With Pàtums i memas, the first thing we did was to create a new website, to replace everything there was, creating a more colorful web, more functional and above all with the fulfillment of all the legal terms that correspond to a kindergarten.

How we achieve the objectives?


Implementation of the first of the two phases

A first phase where the necessary structure will be built to start working. Where there would be a home explaining that it is Pàtums i memas, the educational project, the menus of the center, the educational team and a contact menu.

Creation of the second phase of the web

The second phase of the web will consist of the Catalan translation of the entire website, a menu of activities, setting up an e-commerce for a solidarity project and the integration of the Kinder APP with the web. Although in the first phase the whole SEO part was optimized, in the second part there will be another twist for positioning in local SEO and generic SEO.


The Pàtums i memas website

Once the first phase is implemented, the website has everything necessary so that any dad or mom, who wants to go to Pàtums i Memas, has no doubt about the daycare. The second phase and improvements in SEO will give the final push to this nursery.

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