Fidentia Innova

The challenge

Fidentia Innova contacted us at the beginning of the year because its website had problems in the position, null traffic and had no visits to its website. In addition to these problems, the web did not meet the requirements it needed to make its products known to its customers. At the end of the year, seeing that her website was inoperative, she decided to take the step to a new website. The challenge while positioning the web, was to modernize and make a new design, in addition to offering the products made by your company.

The solution

In Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, we quickly saw that your previous website, was not well optimized, did not have google analytics, had no meta-descriptions and was poorly structured, so we decided to implement a new, more current design, at the same time we structured it so that google loved it and offering the new services offered by Fidentia Innova.

How do we achieve the objectives?


SEO audit

We analyze the old Fidentia Innova website with SEO error analysis tools. I did not have google analytics, it did not load fast, it was not well structured, the images did not have alt content and I did not have meta descriptions. This meant that the large number of errors that the analysis gave us penalized the web a lot.

Implementation of improvements

Once seen the results of the study, we designed a new web structure and implemented all necessary improvements to correct all the errors that the old web had.


Content plan

Thanks to the new design and structure of the website together with all the improvements implemented, the website will constantly improve its positioning, while offering all the services it offers and the new courses it now offers. This new website will help you to bring traffic and consequently to get more customers and thus increase your training.

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