Alquiler Walkies Barcelona

The challenge

Alquiler Walkies Barcelona it was born as the diversification of an interdisciplinary project. The company had the latest technology in walkie-talkie equipment, necessary to manage events such as security, catering, industrial zones, concerts, courses, catering, sporting events, etc., but they had no digital presence, so they did not take much input from Potential customers.

The solution

En Mixmedia Digital Marketing Agency, we thought that the best thing to start attracting customers was to create a landing, where all their services were offered, but this landing had to position with SEO, occupying the first positions in the organic search and have visibility with social networks. With all this strategy, customers would start contacting Alquiler Walkies Barcelona, and customers who previously did not pick up would start arriving.

How we achieve the objectives?


Creation of a landing

We started this project with a landing, where all their services were offered, how the rental of walkies worked, the advantages of the rent, all the technology available to Barcelona Walkies, frequent questions in addition to different forms of contacts and many calls to action with the function of converting.

SEO implementation

Once we had the landing created, the next step was to do semantic SEO. We considered this part as important or more, since what we wanted was that it be positioned as soon as possible within the competition, which takes time digitally in the market.

Integration of social networks

Having the web and the SEO positioning already finished, the next step was evident. The creation of the necessary social networks, where their target audience was, was basic to the marketing strategy. It was decided to create Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, since those three social networks would occupy all the space where potential clients of Alquiler Walkies Barcelona.
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